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About us

We focus on high-end advanced water recreation products and professional

life-saving products to meet the needs of high-end users.

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Shanghai WaterFun Outdoor Supplies Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai WaterFun Outdoor Supplies Co., Ltd, focusing on the market frontier water entertainment products and professional life vest research and development, production and sales business, the company adhere to independent innovation technology, new production process, and constantly develop new products to meet the needs of high-end users.


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The company is located in the beautiful modern city – Shanghai.After the continuous innovation of products in recent years, it has been recognized and supported by customers at home and abroad, and the products are sold at home and abroad.And with a number of large water park cooperation.

The third generation of aquatic entertainment products, customers have a strong sense of experience, the main characteristics of the third generation of products are soft material, fashion, skin-friendly comfort, rich modeling, bright color, durable, inhibit the spread of germs, chlorinated water immersion, UV resistance, easy to clean.

At present, it has formed a series of products, such as water park special buoyancy life vest, water floating mat, water floating bed, roaming buoyancy bar, rocking chair, swimming rod, water saddle, water collar, water swing, water fun mat and so on.

Professional life jackets are mainly rescue and rescue series of life jackets, sports life jackets, children’s life jackets.

Waterfun has a number of national patents, products have been certified and tested by professional institutions.

As a member of society, we also actively participate in social welfare, donating life jackets to various rescue organizations to rescue people in floods in 2016.

Fall in love with Waterfun

Accidentally, is to wait for a long time for the water lovers to send an unexpected surprise;

It, belatedly, just want to listen to more, offer a satisfactory answer;

It, steady forward, just want to more perfect, let the light more dazzling;

Today, it breaks through the waves with its aquatic entertainment integration.

Years of quenching, before the water.

Craftsman spirit • fine cultivation and fine research

The interest of water knows that perfect quality is more valuable than the inside.Years of focus on special foam surface coating process research and development;

Specialized in fine research, finally made a major breakthrough in the coating technology;After repeated testing, adjustment and upgrading, the new process and innovative products seamless docking.

Waterfun outdoor entertainment products have passed BV, SGS and other authoritative tests;Quality assurance.

Witness the strength of the water

WaterFun Outdoor has a modern production base in Shanghai. The research and development design of Water Fun Outdoor is close to the fashion trend, and follows the upgrading of ergonomics to ensure the high-quality output of Water Fun.

At present, Water Fun Outdoor has formed two strong series of products, namely water entertainment and life saving, which are sought after by the outdoor market.

Hot blood fashion genes

Waterfun is close to the pulse of the market, read the user’s blood, entertainment genes, the development of a number of fashion series of life jackets, water entertainment products, bright colors, cutting more smooth.

Waterfun always adhere to the fashion into the water entertainment, and let the entertainment more fashionable.With excellent quality and fashionable appearance, the products of Waterfun out door are oriented to the world.

Can you imagine the adrenaline rush that comes from the sound of laughter on the water? Put on some water and go play!